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Carbon13 is the venture builder for the climate emergency.

The Opportunity

Become a co-founder of a high growth venture that will also reduce carbon emissions by millions of tonnes by joining Carbon13's Venture Builder.

Carbon13 are seeking 50 would-be co-founders drawn from technical and commercial backgrounds to join our eight month venture builder. We ask founders like you to commit to creating a game changing, scalable, carbon-emissions-reducing business with the potential to reduce CO2e emissions by a minimum of 10m tonnes per annum. The first cohort will begin in Cambridge, UK on 2nd March 2021.

What you'll achieve

If selected for the venture builder, you will begin the programme March 2021. The venture builder is split into three phases gives founders the chance to:

  • Find a complementary co-founder and build a “dream team” with the expertise, credibility, network and commitment to take an idea to market.
  • Actually make a measurable, credible impact on carbon emissions. This is Doing not Talking.
  • Get past the prototype/MVP/research and get your solution to market
  • Transition technical ideas into a commercial success through building a business model which both optimises commercial value and allows for a meaningful impact on emissions.
  • De-risk the startup building process. The planet doesn’t have time for false starts.

During the first four months of the programme, we pay a monthly stipend of £1000. After four months, ventures judged to have high potential will receive a pre-seed investment of a net £75,000.

In Phase 3 we will support you to prepare a funding strategy for post-Carbon13 life and help you bring in the next round of finance.

Who should apply?

Scientists, engineers, developers, serial founders and high flyers from corporates. We are keen to encourage “untapped” talent to join, so applications from non-typical founders are very welcome.

Everyone is welcome to apply to Carbon13 with or without a startup “idea”.

For the right person—someone who is keen to build a commercial venture which will change the game on CO2e emissions—this is an amazing opportunity.

The Cambridge Factor

Carbon13 benefits from strong connections within the deeply creative and radical Cambridge entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, and benefits from many academic and corporate partnerships.

Learn More

We are running a series of webinars available to everyone who would like to learn more about Carbon13 and the low-carbon economy. Our next one can be found here:

We caused climate change. Let's fix it.

Please mention that you come from ManageForThem when applying for this job.

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