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Liminal Health - Company Overview

Cancer is one of many long-term illnesses affecting the UK today. Each year over 140 million sick days are taken, costing businesses £29b pounds, and a further £30k per leaver. Many long-term conditions are preventable through lifestyle changes. Including cancer - nearly 40% of cases. Candice Hampson, our CEO, was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in 2015 at age 32. She was never told that getting enough physical activity could reduce her risk of recurrence by 30-40%. We all know we need to exercise and eat healthy, but we find it difficult to motivate ourselves.

Liminal provides digital health coaching to people affected by cancer and other long-term conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and most recently, long COVID. We provide this coaching through employers - helping companies coach their people to better health and increased engagement, while reducing churn. For individuals, coaching helps them make small yet achievable changes, and be proactive in their wellbeing.

Employees are smart-matched to one of our accredited coaches based on their preferences. We use technology to create a seamless and beautiful experience, for both coach and client. We send nudges, and capture the most poignant moments of sessions for clients to keep.

In future, using our data, we will automate a lot of the process, allowing people to self-navigate through content modules and incentivise them further using rewards and gamification.

Traction & Funding

Liminal currently has two pilot employers it is working with to refine its offering, and is actively pursuing a broader pipeline. We have also been accepted onto the Bucks HSC Ventures programme, providing us valuable connections into the NHS and feedback.

Liminal is currently raising a seed round, having already raised £80k in pre-seed investment in July 2020 from Antler, an early-stage investor and incubator.

Person Description

We are seeking a Head of Product to propel us towards our vision of making it easy for everyone to be proactive about their health. You must have the following attributes:

  • Strong, clear motivation around improving preventative health for all.
  • Strategic yet willing to get your hands dirty, building Liminal with us as our first employee
  • Able to design, agree and implement an ambitious product roadmap
  • Cultural Fit. What we mean by this is that your personal values match ours:
    • Earn trust with transparency;
    • Prioritise empathy;
    • Uplift & empower;
    • Operate with respect; and
    • Learn by doing.
  • You are happy to work remote-first! N.b. all candidates must be based within one hour of London UK time zone (GMT).
  • Knowledge and experience within the UK health sector and related regulations a plus

As Head of Product, you would own:

  • Product design and development, including user needs testing
  • User testing, MVP development, building something from the ground up, joint strategy development, growing and engaging with users
  • Appointment and management of a development team from scratch, and other key product and tech personnel.

Please mention that you come from ManageForThem when applying for this job.

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